Would You Pay for a Vagina Massage?

Playing Vagina Massage?

The following material contains mature subject matter and may not be suitable for young audiences.

Women are reportedly paying up to $300 for a relaxing massage...for their privates. The massage, sometimes called a yoni or tantric massage includes touching, deep breathing and herbs and steam for "down there." And sometimes even an orgasmic release. "If you're paying $300 bucks, the goal better be orgasm," says ER physician Dr. Travis Stork. 

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The idea is to help your mind and body, releasing anxiety and stress and improve your sexual sensitivity and orgasms. One expert says that a yoni massage can "cleanse" you and release emotional blockage you may have. But buyer beware! OB/GYN Dr. Millie Behera cautions about the use of steam and herbs down there.  

Dr. Behera feels like this massage is really about learning more about where your pleasure spots are. And since a lot of women are unable to achieve an orgasm, she shares some tips to improve someone's sex life without spending $300 on a vaginal massage. She recommends exploring to find those pleasure spots, communicating more with your partner. Happy good sexual health is so important! 

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Men often engage in self pleasure and it can be really healthy for things like the prostate. Dr. Behera shares that having more frequent sexual encounters does wonders for women's stress, relaxing muscles, and circulation. So don't be shy! 

If you want to experience a yoni or tantric massage, please make sure you're going to a licensed expert.