Mom’s Controversial Chores Solution

Playing Mom’s Punishment: Cruel or Creative?

A mom’s approach to dealing with her kids not cleaning their room landed her with threatening messages from strangers about calling Child Protective Services. Did the frustrated mom go too far or was she simply using a creative way to reach her children?

Alice was having a difficult time getting her teenagers to keep their rooms clean. Instead of continuing to repeatedly ask her kids to clean their rooms, she gathered all of their belongings and placed it all in trash bags.

Clean clothes were mixed with dirty items, school supplies and electronics devices were all jumbled together in the bags. She then attached a note on their bedroom doors telling them where their things were, but in order to get the items returned, she explained they would be charged $25 dollars per bag. Additionally, the money used to buy the bags back, could not come from money the kids had already saved, but the money had to come from the chores they were already supposed to be doing.

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“They were not amused as I was. It was met with a lot of protest,” Alice tells The Doctors.

After she shared online what she had done thinking friends and family might find it humorous, her post quickly went viral. Alice received a slew of positive feedback to her approach, but also some negative comments including one person who threatened to call Child Protective Services on her.

“I had people contacting me from Japan, from India, from France, from Italy… but there were some that were telling me how horrible I was, that I was psychologically damaging my kids,” she shared.

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Psychotherapist Stacy Kaiser was quick to defend Alice’s decision, saying, “You aren’t psychologically damaging your kids. This isn’t abuse. It isn’t neglect. As a matter of fact, I think it’s a creative way to take control.”

Would you be willing to use Alice’s extreme approach to making her kids do their chores? Sound off below!