The Doctors Exclusive: Maureen McCormick on Kicking Anti-Depressants

Playing Drs. Exclusive: Maureen McCormick

Depression affects millions of people, including actress Maureen McCormick. The former “Brady Bunch” star opens up to The Doctors about her struggle and how she got off anti-depressants.

Maureen is one of the over 15 million Americans suffering from depression – according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of American – and like many battling the blues, she went on anti-depressants in order to alleviate some of her pain.

“I was on anti-depressants. I was on them for many years… I feel like I’ve collected all these tools and I’m constantly searching for new things and I just really wanted to see if I could go drug-free because I felt like maybe I had become a little numb,” she reveals. “About 4 years ago, I did it with a doctor’s help, and they weened me off and I feel better than ever.”

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Maureen explains her depression is something she will continue to address and be mindful of, but for the moment, she’s doing well.

“Happy comes and goes, right? I feel a real peace. I feel good. I feel lucky to be alive. When I wake up now, my glass is half full,” the actress shares.

The Doctors ask Maureen what she might tell the child star version of herself regarding her depression.

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“I’d say to her, you’ll make it. You’ll get through. It’s going to be OK, but you have to do the work,” she says.

One way to help with depression is regular exercise, something Maureen is getting plenty of on this season of “Dancing with the Stars,” where she’s competing for ballroom glory with partner Artem Chigvintsev. Be sure to follow her journey on Season 23 of the reality completion series on Mondays at 8/7 c on ABC.