Super Lice – How to Treat Them!

Playing Super Lice Outbreak!

Warning, this article may cause uncontrollable itching!

Lice are bad enough, and now there are super lice to deal with! The Doctors examine this nuisance that is stronger than your average lice.

Super lice have been found across the country in 48 states and they are immune to over-the-counter treatments that you would normally use to treat the head-scratching pest. The Doctors are joined by Michelle from The Lice Clinics of America, which has developed a treatment system for these all-powerful creatures.

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She explains it involves a three-step process which takes around an hour and a half and is pesticide-free. The treatment includes:

  • A device that uses heated air to dehydrate and kill the lice and their eggs
  • A comb out with a special mousse that removes the leftover lice debris
  • A final step that uses a topical soothing solution

In order to avoid the spreading of lice, Michelle recommends avoiding head-to-head contact, warns of taking selfies with people who might be more prone to getting lice and to not share towels.

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She also notes that many people believe that getting rid of lice from bedding and towels is all about the washing process, but in fact, lice can live underwater for up to 2 hours holding their breath. She explains that the time in the dryer is most important and to dry your infected items on high for at least 40 minutes. In order to rid hairbrushes of the pests, place them in the freezer for 2 days.

For more information on the Lice Clinics of America’s super lice treatment visit their website.