Killer Heroin Epidemic?

Playing New Heroin Epidemic

The heroin epidemic is a growing problem. And now there's a new form on the streets to watch out for.

It's believed that this heroin is laced with something called carfentanil, which is commonly used an elephant tranquilizer! Carfentanil is in the fentanyl family and is 10,000 times as potent as morphine

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The Doctors are joined by Hamilton County Commissioner in Ohio and chairperson for their heroin coalition, Dennis Deters. "It comes from our prescription drug problem over the last two decades. It's transferred into the suburbs and through racial and gender lines," says Dennis about who is affected by this new street laced heroin. In his county, overdose deaths have doubled in the last two years, which is thought to be because of the addition of this powerful and deadly tranquilizer. 

Through new testing, they are now able to detect carfentanil in the heroin they take off the streets, getting them one step closer to finding the source. 

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The scariest thing about carfentanil is that anyone can go online and order this product. Dennis Deters says that you can purchase it and it will come via the U.S. Postal service. He is working now with authorities to put a plan into place to curb online delivery of carfentanil. 

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