Reboot Your Metabolism!

Jillian came up with the 3 Rs to reboot your metabolism and get a lean and healthy body.
• Remove

• Restore
• Rebalance


When it comes to food, Jillian says, get rid of everything that doesn’t come from the ground or have a mother. Go through your cupboards and clear out everything filled with artificial flavors, additives, colors and chemicals.

“You can’t fix your metabolism if you’re continuing to poison it,” Jillian instructs. “You’ve got to remove chemicals, toxins and processed crap from your body.”

• Hydrogenated fats
• Refined grains
• High fructose corn syrup
• Artificial sweeteners
• Artificial coloring and preservatives
• Glutamates

Restore healthy foods to your diet. Certain foods can boost your fat-burning hormones and keep hormones like cortisol, which stores fat, down. And remember, you still have to count calories. Be mindful of portion sizes, how many calories you take in and how many you burn.

• Berries
• Cruciferous veggies
• Lean protein
• Dark leafy greens
• Meat and eggs*
• Dairy*
• Organic foods whenever possible

*Make sure they come from grass-fed, hormone- and antibiotic-free sources

Bringing the quality and quantity of meals, exercise and sleep back into balance will help to optimize your hormones and metabolism.

• Get adequate amounts of sleep
• Exercise
• Eat healthily
• Avoid sugary foods
• Eat every four hours to stabilize your blood sugar
• Always eat breakfast
• Eat until you’re full, but not stuffed
• Practice portion control

• Don’t eat after 9:00pm
• Don’t eat carbohydrates before bedtime. Carbohydrates release insulin, which interferes with human growth hormone, which is released mostly at night.