Is At-Home Pore Extraction Safe?

Playing Pore Extractions

Pore extraction videos might be racking up millions of views online, but think twice before you attempt popping the pus at home!

A video out of Taiwan is causing people to look on in disgusted delight as what appears to be a possible esthetician is seen pulling clumps of oil and sebum out of the pores of a woman’s nose with a professional set of tweezers. The Doctors warn about performing your own at-home pore pulling.

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“I think they really steamed that face, that’s what’s making that’s sebum look almost watery. They’re coming out like little worms,” Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon explains. 

“You have the thickest sebaceous units… in the tip of your nose, more than the rest of your face and the rest of your body for that matter.”

Dr. Ordon warns about having your own at-home pore pulling party.

“Usually, leave the popping to a professional,” he continues and explains how to exfoliate your skin in a safe way. “You can do this yourself just by taking a hot shower or steaming and then using something like a washcloth that will open things up.”

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The Doctors remind viewers that when picking your skin the risk for scarring and infection grows. Like Dr. Ordon recommended, let a professional esthetician or dermatologist handle the squeezing and extracting.