Wonderful News for Couple Who Struggled with Infertility for Years

Playing Infersanity Update: Alexis & Gabe

The Doctors have a great news update on Alexis and Gabe, the couple we have followed on their emotional journey of trying to get pregnant for 4 long years.

Since their wedding day, the couple has been trying to have a baby. They have endured 2 miscarriages, 5 rounds of taking fertility medications, 1 insemination, 2 rounds of IVF and also considered adoption. They were told by doctors that they had a very slim chance of ever having their own babies.

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The last time Alexis and Gabe visited The Doctors, she said, “I never thought that we wouldn’t be parents. That thought has never crossed my mind… we’ll always have hope. We are going to come back here and sit on this stage and introduce you to our kids someday. I know that’s going to happen.”

Call it a future-mother’s intuition, because that is exactly what happened! The beaming parents join The Doctors with their infant son Grant, who they adopted, along with their baby daughter. A week after the adoption, Alexis found out she was pregnant with little Gianna, who was conceived without any fertility treatments.

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“It was just a miracle,” the proud mom says of her unexpected pregnancy. “After dealing with infertility for 4 years, it really puts parenting [challenges] into perspective… I really think that it was meant to be. Grant was always supposed to be our son and once that was in the works, I felt like it was a fate thing.”

We couldn’t be more excited for the new parents and their two children. Find out the wonderful surprises The Doctors have for the family in the video below!