Plastic Surgery Game for Kids – All in Fun or Just Plain Wrong?

Playing Plastic Surgery App for Kids?!

There’s growing trend in the world of game apps that focuses on plastic surgery, and many of them are being geared towards kids. The Doctors weigh on the possible harmful message this could be sending our young ones.

The apps create simulations of nose jobs, face lifts and even liposuction – something plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon doesn’t see as being a big deal.

“People are going to say it’s too much about how you look… but it’s all in fun. It’s like saying all Barbie dolls are bad for girls,” he contends, but also acknowledges parental guidance should come into play for kids using these apps.

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OB-GYN Dr. Millie Behera is cautious of letting kids use these an apps, saying, “It’s such an important time for these kids to be developing self-esteem and appreciating their different looks and appearances and just loving themselves for who they are.”

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork agrees, saying he’s “fearful” of this trend and he believes people are going under the knife in the name beauty at too early of an age.

“In the 9 years since I started hosting this show, plastic surgery has become ever more popular. It’s been starting at ever younger ages and I do worry that you are going to have 10-year-old girls saying, ‘Mommy, I want bigger boobs,’” he explains.

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Tells us what you think – would you allow your child to download a plastic surgery game app?