Clinton & Trump’s Health Examined by The Doctors

Playing Hillary Clinton’s Health Scandal!

Hillary Clinton’s recent health issues and Donald Trump’s refusal to release detailed medical records have dominated recent headlines and now The Doctors weigh in.

Clinton’s health was thrust into the spotlight after she appeared wobbly after a 9/11 memorial. Her doctor later revealed that she was suffering from non-contagious bacterial pneumonia. She was forced to leave the event early and was checked out by a doctor, who said she was put on antibiotics and would rest for a few days.

Many theories swirled about her health and ER physician Dr. Travis Stork, who has seen numerous cases of pneumonia over his career, says, “I want to caution people to jump to conclusions… what I took out of this was shame on her campaign and her physicians for not saying, ‘Look Hillary, you have to take a little bit of break here.’ Because clearly she did not have a severe pneumonia that had her in the hospital, but you have to cut back a little.”

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Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon says this election is unlike any other and suggests that an impartial medical exam performed by a third party on both candidates might squash the rumors and false theories being tossed around.

“This is unprecedented in a Presidential election that health has become such a big issue. She will be 69 next month, Trump is 70. They are two of the older candidates that we have had and both sides are making health an issue,” he adds.

Trump previously released a letter from his doctor of 35 years, who claims the reality star would be the “healthiest individual ever elected,” which The Doctors discuss.

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“I have never heard of anything like that, categorizing health like that,” Dr. Ordon says of the now infamous letter. “How can you compare his health to past presidents? He’s healthier than JFK, who was 40 something years old?”

Dr. Stork goes on to say that “nothing jumps out at you” in either of the candidate’s health histories, adding, “I feel like doctors are feeling some pressure. If you’re the personal physician to a candidate, you’re feeling pressure to promote their health and wellness in a certain light and to me that is a problem.”

The Doctors encourage viewers to not believe the hype of the latest headlines regarding the candidate’s health.