Woman’s Life Saved after Watching The Doctors

Playing The Doctors Saved My Life!

Shannon’s life was saved from something she learned watching The Doctors.

During a routine trip to the dentist for a cleaning, she asked her dentist about a sore she had had on the bottom of her tongue for 6 months, after recalling an episode where The Doctors recommended that viewers ask their dentist to also examine their tongue. She inquired about the sore and her dentist told her to follow up with an ENT, as the sore appeared troubling.

During her exam with the ENT, the growth was biopsied and later she learned about the devastating results.

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“He said the words, ‘You have cancer,’” Shannon explains, revealing she was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma on her tongue, which was quite advanced. “I went from having what I thought was an infection to have Stage 4 cancer.”

She was initially told she only had about a 20 percent chance of survival. “If I had waited another week or 2, there probably wouldn’t have been any chance,” she continues.

Shannon was rushed into surgery, which lasted 12 hours and required 4 doctors. Three quarters of her tongue had to be removed. Surgeons used flesh from her arm to help reconstruct her tongue. She had to follow up her surgery with 53 radiation treatments, which caused her to lose 137 pounds.

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Shannon and her family join The Doctors, where she encourages others, “The best thing I can say is, don’t wait and don’t be afraid to talk to your doctor and ask.” After a long battle, she was able to beat the cancer and still has the ability to speak after being told she might never be able to.

In an effort to help Shannon enjoy life a little more after overcoming such a harrowing cancer battle, The Doctors have a slew of surprises in store for her. See where we are sending her and family in the video below!