Is Your “Healthy” Food Actually Healthy?

Playing A Healthier Choice?

Many people think they are a healthy eater, but it turns out many of the foods we eat are actually not healthy and some are worse than many of your favorite indulgences!

The Doctors look into some food items that might be tricking you into thinking you are eating well and compare them to some other food options that you won’t believe have less calories.

Energy bar vs. Bagel

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork says that energy bars often have a high amount of sugar and sweeteners and can have the exact same number of calories as a bagel. He recommends eating a Greek yogurt for a morning snack, which is higher in protein, contains probiotics and does not have an excessive amount of sugar.

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Smoothies vs. Donuts

Dr. Stork explains that many smoothies can have upwards of 60 grams of sugar, which is the same as eating 6 glazed donuts! He also notes that smoothies can easily be a healthy choice, but that we often pick ones that are filled with unhealthy ingredients. Try making your morning smoothie using fresh ingredients to cut down on processed sugars.

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Vitamin-Enhanced Water vs. Energy Drink

While you might think the beverage with vitamins would be healthier, in our test comparison the vitamin-enhanced water had 31 grams of sugar, while the energy drink only had 27 grams of sugar. Before hydrating, make sure to compare the calorie counts.

The Doctors suggest paying closer attention to your food’s ingredients and remember that just because it claims to be “healthy” doesn’t mean that it actually is!