Fines for Parents with Kids Who Are Bullies?

Playing Parents Fined for Their Bullying Kids?!

The parents of bullies in one Wisconsin town might take a hit to their pocketbooks if their children don’t change their ways. The Doctors discuss a new ordinance that is giving fines to parents if their kids bully.

The town of Shawano passed the anti-bullying ordinance following a school shooting that stemmed from bullying. It requires that the parents of kids of who are caught harassing others will be given a 90-day warning. If the bullying continues, the parents will be charged $366 and a second offense will land the parents with a fine of $681. The ordinance applies to bullying in real life and online.

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With bully victims 2 to 9 times more likely to consider suicide than non-victims and half of all suicides among young people related to bullying, The Doctors question if fining the parents is the right decision and ask if a financial burden placed on the family might exacerbate an already potentially volatile home life? In most cases, bullies are being bullied by others in their life.

Psychotherapist Dr. Mike Dow believes that if there is monetary value placed on bullying it could help to stop further problems by forcing the parents to become more involved. Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra, like many of our Facebook readers we polled, believes that a fine might add yet even more stress to an already complicated situation. She believes that instead of a fine, that some sort of counseling should offered to help with the bullying issue.

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Where do you stand? Should the parents of bullies be forced to pay up? Tells us your thoughts!