Grossest Cyst Removal Ever?

Playing Cyst Excision: Don’t Try This At Home!

Please do not try this at home. The Doctors show a very graphic video of a woman popping a giant epidermal cyst on her boyfriend's face. Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra joins The Doctors to explain that it's a true epidermal cyst, which is packed with keratin protein and has a capsule. 

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"This is clearly not a try-at-home type of thing," says Batra. While the video is concerning for many reasons, Batra does say that the person popping the cyst clearly has some medical training. However, she would never recommend popping a cyst on yourself or on someone you know especially in this type of setting. It's simply not safe. 

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"Go ahead and see a specialist. Get it done right," says ER physician Dr. Travis Stork.