Eat Right for Your Age

Eat Right for Your Age
Research reveals that a diet high in processed foods such as fried foods, refined grains, frozen foods and processed meat products may increase the risk of depression by 58 percent. Those who eat a diet high in fruits, vegetables and fish lower their risk of depression by 26 percent. Doctors believe processed foods create inflammation in the body that contributes to the depressive state.

An estimated 80 percent of the American diet is processed foods. OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson, a confessed sugar lover, admits she has changed her wayward eating habits. "I'm actually very proud because I've fallen into that [processed foods] category," she says. "We have, on this show, been showing people the tips to get them out of your life, to get them out of your system."

As we age and our body changes, our dietary needs change as well. In our 20s, eating foods high in calcium will help prevent osteoporosis later in life. Low-fat dairy, leafy greens, nuts and seeds are cornerstones to a healthy diet.

In our 30s, foods high in antioxidants help keep our skin youthful and lower the risk of chronic disease. In our 40s, lean proteins such as tofu, beans and fish help stimulate metabolism. And in our golden years, foods high in fiber are a must, and cholesterol levels and fat intake should be monitored closely.

Diet Tips for Any Age:

• Avoid foods high in saturated, hydrogenated and trans-fats
• Increase fruit and vegetable intake
• Exercise regularly