Would You Wear a Caffeine Bracelet Instead of Drinking Coffee?

Playing Wear Your Caffeine?!

Would you be willing to give up your morning coffee for a bracelet that delivers caffeine through the skin?

The Doctors test a new FDA-approved product that delivers caffeine through your skin via a patch. An equivalent to a cup of coffee is absorbed through the skin over the course of 4 hours, which supposedly gives you long-lasting alertness without the jitters that coffee can sometimes give you. The makers of the bracelet claim users can wear two patches per day over the course of 8 hours, noting to only wear one patch at a time.

We put the caffeine bracelet to the test with the help of Lisa, Leslie and Gretchen, who join The Doctors to share their results.

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“I think they work great actually,” Leslie, who always has coffee in the morning and again in the afternoon, says. “Yesterday, I did not have my coffee like I typically do and I felt energized… I thought it was great.”

Lisa, who starts her day with a cup of coffee and often enjoys a sugary coffee beverage, says of her experience, “There’s no big crash. You don’t really feel it come on, it’s just sort of mellow.”

Gretchen, who drinks coffee every day and has for most of her life, thinks the patch will help with fitness training, telling The Doctors, “I want another patch… it would be great right before a workout.”

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As always, The Doctors warn about using too much caffeine. An excessive amount or an overdose of caffeine can cause breathing trouble, confusion, convulsions, diarrhea, dizziness, fever, hallucinations, increased thirst, increased urination, irregular heartbeat, muscle twitching, increased heartbeat, trouble sleeping and vomiting.