What Clinton & Trump Might Look Like after 8 Years in Office

Playing The White House Effect

There’s no doubt that being President ages you, but how might it affect candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump?

According to some experts, each year in the Oval Office ages the President 2 years. The Doctors employ the help of a specialized age progression company to find how the rigors of the highest elected office would change the appearance of Clinton and Trump.

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See the age predictions below:

To possibly help combat the effects of aging, The Doctors recommend meditation and mindful prayer to help to relax and focus. Periods of mental rest can help with stress, which is often linked to physical pain. They also tout exercise as a major stress reliever, noting that even as little as 20 minutes of something physical can reduce your stress levels for hours.

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So when you are stressed out – whether you’re The President or just the queen of your own castle – go for a walk, swim a few laps or spend some time quietly reflecting for some possible relief!