The Newest Trend for Your Toddler? Palate Training

Playing Palate Training for Babies!

There's a new parenting trend out there called palate training! The thinking behind the trend is that by introducing your kids to more sophisticated flavors at an earlier age, they will hopefully develop a refined palate, instead of becoming picky eaters. 

An L.A. foodie based company started an all-organic pureed baby food service for parents who want to give their kids an early start to sophisticated foods. The Doctors decide to taste some of the complicated flavors. 

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ER physician Dr. Travis Stork thinks there might be something to teaching kids to enjoy unique flavors. The young tongue has about 10,000 taste receptors. As we age, we end up with about half that amount! 

The Doctors first sample carrot and potato with chicken bone broth and turmeric. The next one they try is pureed cauliflower & pear with tarragon. And last but not least they sample sweet potato, garbanzo bean and spinach coconut curry. After sampling, Dr. Travis said, "It's crazy because we grow up and all we want to do is move on from baby food...I would be down with eating this." 

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Dr. Ordon adds, "that is a high end baby food." And it doesn't come cheap either. Dr. Travis shares that each servings is approximately $6 per meal. This service does a one-time delivery of 14 meals, which ranges from $85-$95 dollars. 

But the palate training might have actually worked on our very own Dr. Travis who claims he might actually like cauliflower now.