Farrah Abraham Defends Letting Her 7-Year-Old Wear Makeup

Playing ‘Teen Mom’ Star Under Fire?

MTV's “Teen Mom OG” star Farrah Abraham’s latest controversy has to do with her daughter wearing makeup at only 7 years old.

The reality star’s daughter got in trouble at school recently for wearing makeup, but Farrah fought the school’s decision to reprimand her daughter and says she doesn’t see any problem with a child her age wearing makeup.

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“I don’t ever encourage my daughter to wear makeup. That’s just something she likes to do… if she wants to wear makeup, it’s not a huge deal,” she tells The Doctors. “There’s no reason to take away from math, reading and science, to focus on someone experimenting with makeup.”

Farrah says that her daughter’s heavy involvement in theater, performance, cheer and dance puts her in situations where makeup is worn and that it’s not something she is telling her to do. With the backlash and the concerns raised by the school dissuade Farrah from allowing her daughter to wear make-up?

“If she would like to wear makeup, then she may,” she tells the panel.

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The Doctors polled our readers about this issue and a whopping 98 percent said they would not allow their 7-year-old to wear makeup to school.

In addition to defending her daughter’s makeup use, Farrah, meets with plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon to discuss the possibility of getting butt implants. Does Dr. Ordon think going under the knife is needed or should the reality star simply stick with her current workout routine for a firmer backside? Find out if Farrah will partake in yet another plastic surgery procedure in the video below.