"Poop Camp" for Weight Loss?

Playing Weight Loss at “Poop Camp”!

Could the secret to weight loss lie with what’s living in your bowels?

The Doctors examine a new program out of London that as part of a workshop offers participants a stool analysis. After providing your sample, a nutritionist will analyze the bacteria and microbes present in your stool in order to determine what might be going on in your digestive system and suggest a possible new meal plan to follow.

“Having a good, robust gut microbiome, meaning good bacteria, in your gut is very important,” ER physician Dr. Travis Stork says, “But my issue is then the nutritionist takes [the results] and says, ‘Oh, we’re just going to give you an eating plan.’ Although we now know that gut bacteria plays a huge role in overall health and weight. It’s not like we know how to precisely manipulate it based on this, that or the other.”

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Dr. Storks says there are steps you can take to help with the bacteria in your system like eating a diet that is rich in prebiotics like fiber, and including probiotics like yogurt and fermented foods in your daily diet.

But is the cost of this program, which is $653 dollars, worth it?

“It’s fascinating, but I wouldn’t spend the money on it right now,” Dr. Stork continues.

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The Doctors suggest that getting analysis of your stool is not needed unless you have signs of digestive problems. Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon adds, “If you’re having regular bowel movements, you’re doing the right thing. Unless there is a reason to pursue this, [like] you have constipation, diarrhea, blood in your stool.”

If you are are experiencing any of the above digestive issues, please see your medical care provider.