Are Kidney Stones More Painful Than Childbirth?

Playing Bill Engvall Shares His Kidney Stone Ordeal

Comedian and actor Bill Engvall joins The Doctors to share about the unbelievable pain he underwent when he was passing kidney stones. But is the pain equivalent to childbirth? Or worse? 

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Everyone compares passing kidney stones to the level of pain that women experience during childbirth. However, Bill was skeptical because he was certain that if childbirth was that painful there would be no children in this world. 

OB/GYN Dr. Jennifer Ashton says, "Bill, I will tell you that I have had two children and three kidney stones and kidney stones...infinitely more painful than childbirth." While everyone's experience is different, it's safe to assume it's an incredibly painful experience. Bill shares that the best part of his ordeal was getting a shot of the severe pain narcotic dilaudid.  

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Bill underwent a knee replacement surgery, kidney stones, and shingles all in one year. Bill recounts, "I told my wife I didn't want to go to the doctor anymore cause I was afraid they were going to say 'ma'am just sell him for parts.'"