Brandi Glanville's Tips for an Enhanced Chardonnay Experience

Playing Brandi Glanville’s Wine Hacks

Brandi Glanville, creator of Unfiltered Blonde Chardonnay, joins The Doctors to share her tips on making the most of every glass of wine you enjoy. The TV personality recently opened her own winery in Sonoma, California. In the process of becoming a wine connoisseur she has picked up some useful tips on how to best enjoy a glass of chardonnay. 

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Brandi recommends starting off with a 9-ounce pour, as opposed to a regular 6-ounce one, so you don't have to go back and refill quite as often. 

Also hold the stem of the glass to avoid heating up your glass of chardonnay, but if you are someone who likes to hold the cup Glanville recommends making chardonnay ice cubes. To help the wine freeze you can mix it with a clear soda, like a wine spritzer. 

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Brandi also says that lemon zest mixes well with the pear and oak flavors of a chardonnay. She has brought lemon zest cupcakes for ER physician Dr. Travis and plastic surgeon Dr. Ordon to enjoy with their glass of wine. 

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