Teenager with Size K Breasts Gets Life-Changing Help

Playing 19-Year-Old Struggles with Size K Breasts

The Doctors are joined by a teenager seeking help dealing with her large breasts and her fear of developing cancer.

Deanna, who is a size K, says her breasts began growing at an alarming rate when she was just 10-years-old.

“For some women, it is dream to have big breasts, for me it has been a nightmare and it’s getting even worse,” she explains, saying she is constantly harassed and teased because of the size of breasts. She tells The Doctors that a woman at a restaurant once asked her to cover up her chest because she did not want her children to be exposed to Deanna's breasts.

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In addition to the emotional pain her breast are causing her, Deanna suffers from back and shoulder pain, trouble standing for long periods of time and is forced to sleep with her bra on.

“I feel like a freak show. I’d rather not have people stare,” she continues, revealing that that she often does not leave the house. “They have brought me nothing but misery. I’d just rather have no breasts at all.”

The Doctors arrange a consultation for Deanna with surgical breast specialist Dr. Kristi Funk to discuss possible breast cancer concerns, as her mother battled the disease 10 years ago. After a through exam, Dr. Funk was able to determine that Deanna had no signs of breast cancer and explains that Deana has juvenile gigantomastia, noting that there was nothing she did to cause the condition or anything she could have done to prevent it.

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With the worry of cancer removed from the picture, The Doctors enlist the help of plastic surgeon Dr. Stewart Collins who offered Deanna a very special surprise surgery, free of charge. Watch the video below to find out the details of the possible life-changing transformation ahead for Deanna.