How to Avoid Doing THIS Embarrassing Thing in the Dentist Chair

Playing Pop Star Urinates in the Dental Chair?

Pop star Iggy Azalea tweeted about an embarrassing moment at the dentist. How common is it and how can you avoid the same awkward thing happening to you? Dentist Dr. Chris Strandburg joins The Doctors to weigh in on this delicate situation. 

If you're very nervous about visiting the dentist, you might be offered a sedative for your treatment, which happened to Iggy as she underwent multiple root canals. After her experience she tweeted, "The real story is I peed my pants. Am I the only one whos done this to themselves while sedated at a dentist?" Dr. Strandburg assures us that she is NOT alone. 

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But how can you avoid following in the pop stars footsteps? 

The first tip Dr. Strandburg recommends is don't have too much food or water before you get sedated. These powerful drugs can cause you to feel relaxed to the point where you might pee. 

Dr. Strandburg also recommends coming clean about your fear. He recommends telling the receptionist as soon as you walk in the door. He also feels it's important to meet the Doctor & the team who will be assisting you. 

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Dr. Travis reminds us about the importance of overcoming the fear of the dentist. People who get regular dental cleanings, brush and floss daily, can actually decrease their risk for other inflammatory disorders in the body including heart disease

So, if you're avoiding that trip to the dentist, do it for your whole health, not just your pearly whites.