The Dirt on Beards & Health

Playing The Real Dirt on Beards

Beards are bigger and bolder than ever, but are the reports of men’s facial hair being dirtier than a toilet true? The Doctors dig in to this bushy situation!

Before you reach for that razor, a new study suggests that having a beard is actually healthier than not having one. The Journal of Hospital Infections tested over 400 staff members at a Boston area hospital to see who was healthier – bearded men or clean-shaven men?

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ER physician Travis Stork says the study discovered that clean-shaven guys are 3 times more likely to have MRSA (the bacteria Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) on their face, compared to those who had a beard. According to the findings, shaving causes micro-abrasions on the skin, which the bacteria can breed in.

Dr. Stork says that every summer when The Doctors is on hiatus, he enjoys putting down the razor for a few months and letting his beard grow out. He also questions if going natural is the way it’s meant to be, pointing out that razors – when looking back on the scope of human history – are a relatively new concept.

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Tells us what you prefer – guys with beards or guys who keep it smooth?