Chalk Eating Woman Returns – Is She Now Chalk-Free?

Playing Nurse Addicted to Chalk is Now Chalk Free!

Taneah, the woman who was eating 3 boxes of chalk per day, returns to The Doctors – after receiving treatment is she now chalk-free?

“I’m addicted to eating chalk,” she previously told The Doctors, explaining that she kept stashes of chalk in car, bathroom, nightstand, under her pillow and at her workplace. “I even put it in a bowl and eat it like potato chips.”

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The chalk was causing frequents bouts of diarrhea, which then led to fissures and rectal bleeding, along with causing damage to the lining of her stomach and her esophagus. Even though Taneah had said that she could not imagine life without consuming chalk, The Doctors offered her a month of rehabilitation treatment and psychotherapy with psychotherapist Stacy Franklin to help with her addiction.

Taneah proudly returns to the panel to declare, “I am chalk free,” bravely written with chalk on a chalkboard.

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“I actually have a life now. I’m not chained to the bathroom. I’m out and active more with my children, so they are reaping the benefits,” she shares.

Taneah’s psychotherapist says they worked hard to change her relationship with the chalk in small steps, explaining that they explored the sensation, the feeling and the connection she had with the substance and why she felt so compelled to consume it. She stresses that treatment for an eating disorder is ongoing and surprises  Taneah  with the gift of continued help for her addiction, free of charge, for as long as she wants and needs.

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If you or a loved one has a compulsion to eat a substance that is damaging to your health and cannot stop, please seek help.