Reduce Stress in Your Life Today

Playing Simple Ways to Reduce Stress Now

We all know that stress can have a negative effect on your health. And now we live in a day where breaking away from our devices can be a real challenge. Psychologist Dr. Zelana Montminy, author of '21 Days to Resilience,' joins The Doctors to share some of her tips for making stress reduction a priority in your life. 

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Dr. Montminy suggests creating tech-free zones in your life. You could decide if that's dinner time or play time with the kids, but she recommends sometime when you can completely disconnect. 

Montminy adds, “Think of you emotional health like a muscle. When we achieve the physique we want at the gym we don’t just stop working out…we have to maintain it and keep at it.”

One of the biggest mistakes Dr. Montminy sees people make with regards to keeping your stress in check is the pervasive thought  that you you don’t have time for yourself, or time to take a break. She says that’s the biggest sign for when you need that break the most. People naturally don’t prioritize themselves but she suggests you build it into your schedule everyday. She recommends actually putting into your calendar “me time.” It’s important to remember, it’s not a reward – it’s a necessity.

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And her last tip to remember is that when you’re stressed out it’s important to have social support. But don’t just assume people know what you need. Ask for what  you want - someone to listen, weigh in, or help problem solve. 

Let us know your favorite way reduce stress.