Con Artist Identity Theft Tricks Revealed!

Playing Former Con Artists Reveal Scamming Tricks

If you have ever been scammed by a con artist, you are well aware of how infuriating and violating it is. The Doctors share tips from former thieves on how to avoid a scam and keep your identity safe.

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork shares a sobering statistic that every 2 seconds someone is the victim of identity theft and that the average person will become a victim of identity theft at least one in their life.

The Doctors enlisted the help of a convicted identity thieves who point out easy targets, some of which include:

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  • Gym parking lots – many people leave valuables in their car
  • People seen loading their belongings into the back of their car
  • Cars with windows rolled down
  • Cars with out of state license plates – which often contain money, laptops and luggage
  • Mailboxes overflowing with mail
  • Mailboxes with outgoing mail – bank account numbers can be easily acquired

One thief revealed a con artist’s objective when they steal your credit card, saying, “The main thing that you use other people’s credit card is to buy things that you know you can sell. Department stores are really good because department stores have gold. Gold is an asset that can be immediately turned into cash.”

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So how can you keep your identity safe? Doug Shadel, director for AARP Washington and author of “Outsmarting the Scam Artist,” joins the panel to share these helpful tips:

  • Use a locking mailbox
  • Use a crosscut document shredder to destroy mail containing personal information
  • Do not leave things in your car
  • Use online banking and have online access to your credits cards
  • Enable a password on your phone and computer
  • Use a password protected thumb drive