Tuxedos for Man Parts?

Playing A Tuxedo for Your Man Parts?

The following program contains mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.

Are you looking for your man to dress up his little guy? The Doctors discuss a new product that is attempting to give man parts a formal look!

The Doctors and guest co-hosts Tyrese Gibson and Rev. Run Simmons discuss Lelo’s new male lingerie, the TUX, which brings a classy feel to your most private area. The intimate apparel item is worn wrapped around one’s member. The one-size-fits all item is made from satin and features a bow tie, small flower corsage and button. The company says male intimate item is “perfect for any formal evening event.”

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The rapper/media mogul says the idea of formal wear for his privates is not his thing. “I like it on women. My wife is the number one person I want to see it on, and that’s it. I’m not wearing no lingerie!”

Tyrese shares a similar viewpoint. “My [bedroom] wardrobe is baby oil and Timberlands… I’ve never been into lingerie, that’s just not my thing.”

Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon on the other hand, appears to be interested in making bedroom time a little classier, as he was quick to stuff the man part mini tuxedo in his jacket pocket.

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On the company’s website one user of the product writes, “I personally think there's nothing sexier than formal wear and while this piece may be for fun or foreplay, it was such a huge turn on and my boyfriend was happy to have something that made him feel sexy.”

So would you transform your junk into a little formal hunk with this item? Tell us your thoughts – cute and sexy or corny and senseless?