The Wonder Breast Lift Transforms Woman Who Lost 110 Pounds

Playing The Wonder Breast Lift!

The following material contains mature subject matter and may not be suitable for young audiences.

Arena’s dramatic weight loss has left her insecure about her breasts. She joins The Doctors in hopes of fixing the issue that has left her feeling less feminine.

After losing 110 pounds, Arena’s body has dramatically changed, including the size and shape of her breasts. “I love the way I look, expect for my breasts. I went from large breasts to skin hanging. All I see is stretched out skin and very large areolas. It’s upsetting. I don’t feel girlie, I don’t feel feminine,” she says, explaining that she is always covered up and stuffs her bra with socks to add cleavage.

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She tells The Doctors that attempting to hide her chest day in and day out is a horrible feeling, adding, “I can’t show off my body the way I want.”

Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon meets with Arena and offers her a Wonder Breast Lift free of charge. Following the procedure, The Doctors are joined by plastic surgeon Dr. Ritu Chopra, who worked with Dr. Ordon on Arena, to show off the dramatic results.

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“I feel amazing. I have never felt better,” she says with confidence. “This is more than I ever imagined. You guys did an amazing, amazing job.”

Dr. Chopra says he and Dr. Ordon were inspired by Wonderbra when coming up with the Wonder Breast Lift, which has 3 unique elements compared to a traditional breast augmentation. “We put a special stitch around the gland of the breast to tighten it up… we [use] a laser and take off [excess] skin, and finally we put in a special implant that gives you that perky, youthful feeling.”

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Check out the video below to see Arena’s breast transformation!