Saggy Jowls? See the Knifeless Fix!

Playing New Procedure for Saggy Jowls!

Is there hope for saggy jowls and droopy skin without going under the knife? One woman tries out a new technique in hopes of turning back the hands of time.

Andi tells The Doctors that over the last few years she’s seen “drastic changes” in her face, which is very upsetting to her.

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“When I look in the mirror, I would see this person that was so much older than I felt inside and that bothered me. I noticed extra lines I didn’t use to have, my cheek bones are drooping, eyebrows are drooping, bagginess around my eyes, the jowls and my neck… I was struck by how quickly and significantly my changes were happening,” she shares.

Andi says that she now cringes at the thought of getting her picture taken, which is a problem as she’s engaged. She hopes to make drastic changes to her look before her wedding day.

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The Doctors enlist the help of plastic surgeon Dr. Kian Karimi who performs a new knifeless procedure called NovaLift on Andi. The procedure uses a series of barbed dissolvable threads to help lift her jowl area and cheek area.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon further explains the procedure, “These threads are also going to cause some collagen production, you’re going to have collagen along those threads, and it’s sort of like filling.”

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So how long does the NovaLift last? Dr. Karimi says “probably a year” and costs around $1500, which is significantly cheaper than a traditional faceliftSee the results of Andi’s NovaLift in the video below!