Getting Fit Ruined My Marriage

Playing Getting Fit Ruins Marriage?

Can getting in shape affect your relationship? For one woman, who went from a size 18 to rocking six-pack abs, her marriage crumbled as the pounds melted away.

Angela was inspired to transform her body after a friend lost a significant amount of weight. She first began by eating healthy, smaller portion meals every 3 hours, instead of 3 large meals during the day. Next, she began walking for an hour a day at a local park. Eventually, she began jogging and joined a gym.

According to The Daily Mail, before her dramatic weight loss her evenings and weekends were filled with watching TV and drinking wine on the couch, drinks at her parent’s house and enjoying things like ice cream, pasta, bread, beer and cocktails. In her new life she opts for meals that include fish, chicken, turkey, egg whites, vegetables and nuts, along with consistent workout routines.

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Unfortunately, Angela’s body transformation began to drive a wedge between her and her husband, who did not partake in her new active lifestyle. After nine years of marriage, Angela and her husband split. The Doctors weigh in on how positive changes for one person in a relationship can have negative effects on the other.

“When there is a disparity between a husband and a wife in terms of their health habits… if you’re not in it together, supporting one another, It’s very easy for a husband to get really jealous,” ER physician Dr. Travis Stork says.

Guest co-host Heather Durbrow adds, “You either grow together or you grow apart.”

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Dr. Stork wonders if maybe this was the right decision for this particular couple, saying, “If you’re no longer someone who wants to sit around and live a sedentary life, then maybe it is time to move on.”

Angela tells The Daily Mail, that there were cracks in her marriage prior to the weight loss, and she has no regrets about changing her lifestyle and habits. She is now focusing on helping others as a fitness coach.

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Tell us if something similar had affected your relationship. Are you with someone who does not share the same type of lifestyle?