Viral Dental Myths Debunked

Playing Viral Dental Myths Debunked

You should not believe everything you read online, especially when it comes to your teeth!

Dentist Dr. Chris Strandburg joins ER physician Dr. Travis Stork to clear up viral dental rumors you might have received an email about.

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Myth #1: Chocolate Is Better For Your Teeth Than Fluoride

Dr. Strandburg says that one study found that theobromine, which is found in the cacao plant, did repair teeth and fought cavities better than fluoride in toothpaste, but using a home remedy is risky. He explains that theobromine is just one element in cacao and using traditional toothpaste will provide more consistent oral care.

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Myth #2: To Whiten Teeth Use Activated Charcoal

He explains the theory behind using the dark substance on your teeth is to scrub away stains, but most teeth stains are under the surface of the tooth and scrubbing with charcoal would not be very effective. He stresses that using the product could possibly damage your enamel.

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Dr. Strandburg and Dr. Stork recommend traditional dental care routines like brushing, flossing, using a rinse for the best results. Dr. Strandburg notes that hydrogen peroxide can also be used to help treat stains.

Next time someone tells you to chocolate or charcoal will help your smile, it might be wise to stick to the stuff already in your bathroom.