Tips to Avoid Being a Dating Disaster

Playing Are You a Dating Disaster?

Feeling daunted by dating? The Doctors have tips that are sure to help with your love life!

Sex and relationship expert Dr. Chris Donaghue joins ER physician Dr. Travis Stork to share dating advice. Check out his tips on everything from online dating to when to make that first call.

Your Online Dating Profile

“You want to be as open as possible… have the most open photos and profile, because you don’t know who is looking and you don’t know how they are going to perceive you. Don’t make a list of things you want. That’s all ego, that’s all in your head,” he says. “Market yourself in a very neutral way, but be honest and open.”

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When To Call After The First Date?

“[The biggest mistake people make is] they wait too long to contact the person afterwards. Interested people like signs of interest,” he stresses. “Do not play a game. When in doubt, go for the open, authentic, honest model… if you’re going to wait days, then you’re telling a healthy person that you’re going to play games and healthy people don’t date people who play games.”

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How To Find Out If There Are Long-Term Possibilities

“If you want a long-term, healthy, sustainable relationship, you want someone who has good relational skills. One of the ways to assess that is to ask them, are they friends with their exes? Because if they weren’t able to lovingly end a relationship, that’s a bad sign,” he explains. “You also might be an ex of theirs and you want to know that they can have you in their life in some capacity and again, more importantly, you want to know that they can be loving in a relationship. So, if they hate all of their exes and talk poorly about all of their exes, that is a horrible sign.”