Vacation Safety Tips

Playing Secure Your Vacation

The Doctors share tips to help ensure that your next vacation is as safe and secure as possible.

Safety and security expert Bill Stanton joins the panel to discuss some of the latest products that could make a serious difference next time you’re away from home. Bill recommends before you embark on your next adventure, try to be “prepared, not paranoid.” Some items he recommends include:

A Smart Video Door Bell

These Wi-Fi-enabled doorbells, many of which have a video camera, speaker and microphone, allow you to answer your door from your phone when you’re away on vacation. Many of these systems also can be activated with a motion detector for additional security. He says to check out SkyBell if you want an extra layer of security at your door.

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GPS Luggage Tracker

Bill says that there are over 30 million reports of missing luggage annually, and these types of devices can help travelers easily track down your bag if it never makes it down the luggage carousel. Bill recommends LugLoc as a possible luggage safety device.

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Phone Encryption

It’s possible to make sure the things your send from your phone – photos, videos and personal information – are only seen by its intended recipient. There are many apps available that will ensure that no third party has access to the data your phone is sharing. He says to look into the app Seecrypt for some phone peace of mind.

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What do you do before going out of town? Share your vacation security tips!