What Men Learned during Period Experiment

Playing Male Period Experiment?

The following material contains mature subject matter and may not be suitable for young audiences.

Ever wish the man in your life knew what it was like to have a period? Thanks to BuzzFeed, three men experienced their first “that time of the month” in an eye-opening experiment.

Edgar, Shane and Zachary join The Doctors after undergoing a simulated period for 1 week that included a rigged blood flow system, the wearing of sanitary pads and plenty of incidents that left them with soiled underwear.

So what did the men learn during their week-long faux menstruation?

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“It was so uncomfortable,” Zachary says. “I’m so much more empathetic now.”

Edgar explains that it helped him rethink some of this past behavior regarding menstruation and he says he regrets teasing women about it in past. “It’s very stressful. It’s like adding another thing on top of [everything else.]”

Shane says he noticed a definite shift in his mood. “During the experiment, I complained a lot. It was kind of funny and jokey at first, but I realized over the course of the three days, that I was talking a lot about the fact that I was on my period, which I could only do because I was a guy. Like women don’t have the freedom to openly talk about this.”

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OB/GYN Dr. Jennifer Ashton celebrates the experiment for calling attention to possible misconceptions. “It’s really important for men, of all ages, to understand that all of that nuisance of buying the pads, going into the bathroom, taking a break and messing up your clothes is a small fraction of what [women] go through.”

To learn more about experiment, check out Edgar, Shane and Zachary’s BuzzFeed article and video!