Shocking Earwax Removal!

Playing Grossest Earwax Removal Ever

Everyone gets ear wax from time to time, but a man in Malaysia might have the most shocking ear wax removal story ever!

The patient went to his ENT doctor after going completely deaf in one ear. The man’s ear was completely blocked with a hardened ball of wax. He had tried numerous times before to dislodge it, but was unsuccessful. In order to remove the obstruction, the ENT used general anesthesia, taking him 25 minutes to eliminate the large mass. In order to successfully eradicate it, a suction pump was also used.

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Unlike common ear wax, plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon explains this was a case of Keratosis obturans. “It’s not just ear wax… it’s the heaping up and building up of dead skin cells, combined with the wax."

OB/GYN Dr. Jennifer Ashton reveals that she once had a particularly troublesome ear issue, though not as intense or as large as the man in Malaysia.

“I once had an obstructed ear canal and my ENT had to flush that sucker out. It was like delivering a small child. It was the size of a wine cork!” she says. “It was so disgusting, [and] I couldn’t hear.”

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Have you had a similar ear wax horror story? Tell us about your incident below and how you treated it. As always, if you are concerned you have an obstruction in your ear or any other body opening; please seek the appropriate medical attention.