New Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Fix

Playing New Product for Semi-Permanent Eyebrows?

If your brows are looking less than stellar, The Doctors might have a product that could help give you the perfect lasting look!

Like many women, Carrie suffers from thinning brows. She says most says ends up filling in the gaps by drawing them in. With a career in dance, she’s known to work up a sweat and her brows end up being wiped off constantly. After numerous unsuccessful attempts with various products, she’s giving WUNDERBROW a test to find out if it can withstand her active lifestyle.

The products claims you get brows in 2 minutes that will last for up to 2 days. So how wonderful did Carrie think the WUNERBROW was?

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“I liked it. It went on easily. I put it on two days ago and the first morning I woke up and I had eyebrows and I never wakeup with eyebrows. I never get out of the shower with eyebrows,” she shares. “It’s rubbed off a little bit, but that was two days later.” Carries noted that unlike other products, there was no clumping and it was easily to apply.

Urologist Dr. Jennifer Berman says if you are suddenly experiencing a thinning of your eyebrows, this could point to a possible medical issue.

“That can actually be a sign of an underactive thyroid,” she warns. “If this is something you have always had… that’s a different story. But if all of a sudden you notice the hair disappearing... get your thyroid checked.”

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What are your tricks for thinning brows? Share how you’ve managed to get a fuller look.