Is a New, More Natural Breast Implant for You?

Playing A New, More Natural Breast Implant?

Is it time for a breast implant makeover? The Doctors discuss a new option that is said to feel more natural while still being safe.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon says the new product, The Ideal Implant, is “the best of both worlds.”

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“A saline implant, which we know is safer because it’s just sterile salt water, but more of the feel of silicone,” Dr. Ordon, who has performed thousands of breast implants over the course of his career, explains. “It’s a hybrid. It’s filled with saline, but because it has chambers… it’s going to give you more of a silicone feel.”

Mother of two Meredith, who has the Ideal Implants, joins the panel to discuss if she’s happy with the new product.

“I am so happy! After having two kids and nursing them each for over a year, I had mosquito bites,” she shares. “I wanted to go back to my pre-baby shape… and it seemed like perfect solution because I wanted saline. I got them 6 years ago and they are phenomenal.”

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If you’re getting implants for the first time, or looking to replace older silicone implants, this could be the right choice for you. For more information on the Ideal Implant visit their website.