No-Mess Period Sex Device?

Playing Invention for No-Mess Period Sex?

The following material contains mature subject matter and may not be suitable for young audiences.

Could a new device change how women have sex while on their period? A new device is about to be released that claims it will keep sex during that time of the month mess-free.

The Doctors look into the menstrual product, Flex, which claims it can change what it’s like to have sex while a woman is menstruating.

“What this device is really designed to do is sit high up in the vagina, below the cervix and literally act like a dam or block the blood from coming down,” OB-GYN Dr. Jennifer Ashton explains.

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But are there any drawbacks?

“I have two design issues with it. Number 1, it’s not airtight. So all you need is a couple of red blood cells, to move past [the device,] because one would think there is some motion and movement in that area during sex. It’s not you’re going to deploy it and it’s not going move,” she continues. “Number 2, anytime you put a foreign body in the vagina, there is the possibility for erosion or bruising along the side walls… if it’s really important for a woman or her partner, go for it.”

Dr. Ashton points out a possibly more important takeaway, “I think if you’re going to be physically intimate with someone, you should be OK with most bodily fluids because stuff flies all over the place!"

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According to the Flex’s website, the device can we worn for up to 12 hours, is one size fits all and can hold up to 5 tampons worth of fluid. It also claims to help relieve cramping, won’t cause dryness, can be used while swimming and is good for an active lifestyle. The device can be pre-ordered and will begin shipping in September.