Woman's 15-Year-Old Vaginal Cyst Removed in Seconds

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The following material contains mature subject matter and may not be suitable for young audiences.

The Doctors have an update on Danielle, who had a cyst on her vagina for over 15 years, and finally did something about it!

“I noticed a small lump in my vagina when I was about 18. A few years ago it started growing quite rapidly. The cyst now is about the size of a small lemon,” she says. “I’m mortified, I’m embarrassed. It’s making me a different person.”

The Doctors went along with Danielle as she visited OB/GYN Dr. Peter Weiss, who told her she had a Bartholin gland cyst and that he would remove it free of charge.

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Dr. Weiss was able to treat her cyst fairly easily by numbing the area, making a small incision and draining it.

Immediately after the draining, Danielle was able to feel a difference. “It’s a little less pressure. It feels good,” she says.

Danielle and Dr. Weiss join the panel, where she tells ER physician Dr. Travis Stork and plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon she’s feeling “fantastic.” Dr. Weiss warns that there is a possibility of the cyst returning, and if that occurs it can be treated.

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Looking back on her experience, Danielle says, “If you have an issue and you go to a doctor and they tell you something that you are still uncomfortable with, go for a second opinion and find a doctor that you are comfortable with to talk about it.”