Is Watching TV While Eating Making You Eat More?

Playing Drs. Rx: Doing THIS While You’re Eating Can Affect How Much You Eat

If you’re looking to eat less, then you might need a little more silence during mealtime.

The Doctors discuss a new study from Colorado State University and Brigham Young University that found that the noise your food makes while you eat can affect how much you consume. Researches have dubbed this “The Crunch Effect.”

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The study found that when the sound one makes while eating (chewing, chomping, food crunching) is masked by the sounds from TV or music, one of your acute senses is compromised. Therefore, if you can’t hear yourself eating, you end up eating more.

The Doctors recommend a good conversation over a meal, but suggest turning off the television and taking off your headphones to enjoy the sounds that you make while eating.

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So at your next meal, get rid of the excess noise and try a little more silence! Let us know if this technique helps you eat less.