The Cinderella Procedure

The Cinderella Procedure
Bunions on the sides of 35-year-old Melissa’s foot keep her from wearing her designer high-heels, and cause her extreme pain. To ease the pain and fit into her shoes, Melissa undergoes a foot-shaving surgery, also known as the Cinderella procedure.

Podiatrist Dr. Ali Sadrieh, who performs Melissa’s procedure, explains that he will narrow Melissa’s foot by removing the bunions and bringing the bone on the side of her big toe inwards, resulting in Melissa losing nearly two shoe sizes! Using a headless screw instead of a K-wire dramatically reduces recovery time from six weeks to two. “This is something that can cause problems in the future,” Dr. Sadrieh says. “So the benefit of this surgery is that this patient can get the procedure done early, before the joint wears out. It really reduces the risk, postoperatively, for the patient.”

After the surgery, Melissa says she felt a little sore, but is extremely pleased with the results and the overall lack of pain. “I was totally fine,” she says. “I was able to walk out of the office right away. I didn’t even have to use crutches. I didn’t even have to use the pain killers that he gave me!”

Dr. Sadrieh explains that while bunions are genetic, they are also preventable.

“You inherit this problem,” he says. “The shoes create the genetic predisposition to show itself, so you want to wear good shoes, supportive shoes with an arch support, but you also don’t want to wait too long. A preventative measure is seeing a doctor before it becomes bad. And don’t live in high heels.”