Woman’s Life-Changing Keloid Makeover

Playing One Woman’s Life-Changing Keloid Makeover

The Doctors check in with Tifphanie, who had four large keloid scars removed from her back.

Last year, plastic surgeon Dr. Miles Graivier treated Tifphanie, using a freezing technique with liquid nitrogen to remove the large scars that left her with both physical and emotional pain. A keloid is an abnormal growth of collagen tissue, which can form where the skin is trying to heal from an injury. The tissue grows beyond the origins of the scar and never regresses.

Feeling great, seemingly happier than ever and doing something she hasn’t done in years – worn a sleeveless dress – Tifphanie joins the panel to show off her amazing transformation.

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With tears in her eyes, she shares, “I’ve always had to wear jackets, sweaters or scarves in the summertime, so to have [a sleeveless dress] on right now, oh my God! You have totally changed my life. I’m so excited for summer now.”

Dr. Graivier also joined The Doctors to speak about her procedure.

“I’m ecstatic about the results. It could not have worked out better. I’m so happy and excited for Tifpanie and I don’t really think that they are going to come back,” he shares.

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In addition to large keloids, Dr. Graivier says the freezing technique can be used on smaller examples as well. “We’ve used it on even small keloids. A lot of people of color have them, as well as [people of] American Indian heritage. You can [use this technique] on ears, other areas, small ones, and they respond, very, very well,” he adds

Find out more about Tifphanie’s journey to remove her disfiguring scars in the video below.