Student Creates "Buddy Bench" for Lonely Kids

Playing Schoolyard “Buddy Bench”?

The playground can be rough for some kids, but one student’s bright idea is sure to make it a little easier for kids feeling alone.

Elementary student Christian joins The Doctors and parenting expert Jo Frost to discuss the “buddy bench,” an idea he brought to his Pennsylvania school after finding out about the idea from a school in Germany.

“The Buddy Bench is a tool for kids at recess who are lonely. They can go sit on the Buddy Bench and someone will come over to them if they want to play or talk,” he explains. “When I talked to my principal about the idea and he thought it was a great idea and really shortly after that we got a Buddy Bench on our playground.”

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In addition to creating friendships, our guest co-host says the idea is creating an important conversation.

“I think it is a beautiful way for us to talk about the importance of empathy in our society and really teach our children the importance,” Jo points out.

Christian and his principal also spoke to The Washington Post about The Buddy Bench.

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“I didn’t like to see kids lonely at recess when everyone is just playing with their friends,” he previously said.

Roundtown Elementary Principal Matthew Miller says the concept of the friend-filled bench has caught on and is now at approximately 2,000 other schools and in 12 other countries.

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Christian, who has traveled the country and given numerous speeches about the uplifting concept says, “Amazing things happen when you share your hopes and dreams and you may end up helping more people than you can ever imagine.”