Look 5 Years Younger for Less Than $5

Playing Look 5 Years Younger for Less Than $5!

If you’re searching to find ways to look younger on a budget, you are in luck! The Doctors share five fixes that cost under $5 dollars that could make you look 5 years younger.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Tony Youn, author of “The Age Fix,” joins the panel to share his age-defying tips.

Botox Swap

Tape: “Not that tape is going to reduce your wrinkles, but it’s about controlling the muscles of your forehead… it will help to remind you not to make those wrinkles, and with time you can actually train your body not to do that,” he shares.

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Brow Lift Replacement

Tweezers: “You can tweeze a brow higher… you want to remove the hairs on the under surface of the eyebrow. That will effectively lengthen the distance between your eye and the brow, making it look like it’s actually lifted,” Dr. Youn shares.

Puffy Eye Fix

Potatoes Steeped In Green Tea: “The cold temperature will tighten up the skin under the eyes temporarily… the green tea is full of antioxidants, those are going to fight those free radicals. It’s an anti-aging effect. The caffeine will also provide a nice temporary tightening of the skin,” he tells the panel.

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Stretched Earlobe Fix

Adhesive Earlobe Patches: “Our ear lobes are the only part of the ear that do not have cartilage supporting it and these heavy hoop earrings, gauge earrings [will cause the lobe to stretch]… if you’re got a piercing that’s torn through, you can still wear earrings and it doesn’t stretch your earlobe out,” he explains.

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Tighter Jawline Fix

Powder & Brush: “Take a powder that is 1 to 2 shades darker than the actual color of your skin… and blend it all the way from your chin to the back of your ear. It makes it look like a shadow and will appear sharper than it actually is,” he says.