Take The Essence of Your Perfume With You

Playing Drs. Rx: How to Take The Essence of Your Favorite Perfume With You?

Looking to take your signature scent on the go without lugging around a heavy perfume bottle? The Doctors have a trick to make sure you smell your best while out and about!

Your favorite scent can be transformed into a solid quite easily. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Cocoa butter
  • Beeswax
  • A microwave-safe bowl
  • Your favorite perfume
  • A small container, with a tightfitting cap

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Step 1: Add a spoonful of cocoa butter and beeswax to the bowl

Step 2: Microwave until the mixture is completely melted, be mindful that it does not get too hot or explode

Step 3: Add a few drops or sprays of the perfume to the melted contents

Step 4: Let cool for 30 minutes before placing the cap on the container

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The mixture can be applied with your finger to the neck and the wrist. The solid perfume is great for traveling or when you only have a small bag.