Dress Your Face for Every Occasion

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There’s no reason you should rock the same look for every occasion. Celebrity makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury reveals how to dress your face for different events in your life sharing three different styles.

The Ingénue Look

  • Start with an eyelash curler to open up the eyes
  • Use a color chameleon eye pencil to add your favorite shade
  • With a soft pencil, outline from the outer corner and continue along the lash line
  • Brush each eyelash with mascara
  • Apply lip liner, followed by lip lacquer
  • Use blush on the apple of the cheek and blend

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The Dolce Vita Look

  • Apply shadow around the eye socket above the eye, filling in with circular motions
  • To contour, follow the jawline and cheek bones for an easy jaw lift

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The Bombshell Look

  • Use a color chameleon eye pencil to scribble on top of the eye lid and then smudge with your finger
  • Apply a lip liner with a squared off lip brush
  • Finish with blush on the apple of the cheek