Kick "Cankles" to the Curb

A so-called cankle is where the calf and ankle connect, and is characterized by a lack of definition or sculpted shape. The calf and ankle appear as one long continuation of the leg, which some find aesthetically unappealing. Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon explains that fat around the ankle cannot be eliminated by diet and exercise, and he commonly treats the condition with liposuction.

Caution: Swollen ankles can indicate kidney or heart problems, so make sure to see your doctor before you consult a plastic surgeon.


Kick "Cankles" to the Curb
Cankles is a slang term for ankles with little or no definition between where the ankle ends and the calf begins. Natalie is so ashamed of her cankles that she wears only pants and long skirts. Dr. Ordon performs 3-D liposuction sculpting to give Natalie's ankles the more shapely look she desires.

See Natalie's legs after the surgery! And, Dr. Ordon explains the procedure.

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