Tips to Hire the Right Nanny

Playing Should You Be Worried about Your Nanny?

With Hollywood weathering a slew of horrible nanny stories, The Doctors call on an expert to find out what to look for when deciding who should care for your little ones.

Celebrity couples whose relationships crumbled after alleged affairs with their nannies include Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale, Sienna Miller and Jude Law and Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck. “The Nanny Doctor” Lindsay Heller joins the show to share how you can avoid the nanny hiring pitfalls that so many in Hollywood have fallen into.

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Is There A Solid Background & Future?

“When you’re interviewing, find someone who is planning to be a caregiver long-term, that this is their profession, that they have respect and pride in what they do,” Lindsay recommends.

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Establish Boundaries

“Clear boundaries are also huge, on both [the employee and the employer] sides. So, if we start a relationship where the parents are sharing intimate information or different things, or even just become sort of friendly with them, then that’s inviting to the nanny to then share her personal information… which can become a mess,” she says.

Check Your Marriage

“See where you’re at. If [your marriage] is not in good standing, don’t leave your significant other, husband or wife with someone who is hot,” she adds.

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Lindsay also tells The Doctors that, “these hot nannies are giving a bad name to all nannies.”

The Doctors recommend when hiring someone to care of your children checking references is key.